Weird Red Dead Redemption 2 Glitch Gives Arthur Unique Haircut

Weird Red Dead Redemption 2 Glitch Gives Arthur Unique Haircut

weird Red Dead Redemption 2 Glitch Gives Arthur Unique Haircut

Weird Red Dead Redemption 2 Glitch Gives Arthur Unique Haircut

Over the last couple of decades, customization has become more prominent in Rockstar games, allowing players to leave their mark on the world about them and the personality they are controlling. Red Dead Dead Redemption two is no exception to this tendency. It is likely to change virtually everything about Red Dead Redemption two ‘s chief playable protagonist, Arthur Morgan, in the way he appears to the clothing he wears on his spine. Though this is excellent news for people who prefer to control each small detail, it can occasionally cause some odd and odd side effects.

Besides customizing Arthur’s firearms, outfit, camp, and horses, gamers can have fun with the protagonist’s necklace. This might be something as straightforward as implementing some pomade to clean up a number of his wilder strands or correcting his parting to change things up a bit. People who are seeking something a bit more permanent can even choose to receive their hair trimmed. The same as everyone; however, Arthur isn’t immune to the occasional bad hair day, as a single participant lately found.


While playing Red Dead Redemption two ‘s fourth thing, Redditor B3RDB0Y discovered something a bit odd about Arthur’s once-handsome head of hair. Instead of their preferred hairstyle, they were treated to a team cut with three different lines separating the shapes of Arthur’s own scalp. As other Redditors pointed out in the remarks section, these appear to correspond to the game’s many alternatives for partings, indicating that the glitch might show the foundation version for Arthur’s scalp on account of the hair the top neglecting to load.

Just how precisely the glitch came about is a bit uncertain, though the Reddit thread does have a couple of ideas. The glitch seemingly occurred immediately following B3RDB0Y reapplied Arthur’s pomade, with the other Redditor claiming to have had something similar shortly as soon as they got Arthur’s baldness. Whatever the cause might be, it appears that Arthur will probably need several hair tonic bottles to reverse the harm in the event the new cut turns out to be permanent. In all likelihood, however, it is probably only temporary.

Visual glitches like these are rather typical in Red Dead Redemption two, with gamers stumbling across new ones all of the time. Only last week, 1 player found that hammering a horse after it’s been put on fire can result in its own burns and scars staying visible for a brief time period. This came after another participant discovered that playing with Red Dead Redemption two with low-light configurations may result in NPCs’ eyes bulging from their heads. Given that none of those glitches even come near being game-breaking, fixing them is possibly not likely to be overly high up on Rockstar’s to-do list.

Weird Red Dead Redemption 2 Glitch Gives Arthur Unique Haircut
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