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Valheim Mod Overhauls Hundreds of Textures

Valheim Mod Overhauls Hundreds of Textures

Valheim Mod Overhauls Hundreds of Textures

The unprecedented success of Valheim Persists. Going out of a small-known Viking survival RPG into the top-selling Steam match for 2 weeks running, Iron Gate AB’s Valheim has been a massive triumph. Among those details of this title that helps it succeed would be your neighborhood mods, whether that’s enthusiasts recreating worlds or touching the match to improve it. 1 latest mod overhauls Valheim with countless texture enhancements, and the results are extremely impressive.

Valheim is currently a highly-reviewed sport , and among those aspects of this game that make it amazing is its own visual aesthetics. The artwork design is usually perceived as fantastic. Viewed from a wide standpoint, Valheim can be very jaw-dropping, particularly since an indie-developed name. But a few of the textures seem muddy up near, and that’s the point where a mod can enhance the match.

A modder called”aC0C0NUT” has launched an HD Texture Package for Valheim that addresses over 255 things at the survival RPG. Using this mod, players will immediately observe an improvement within the muddy aesthetics of items such as shrubbery, flowers, or even massive objects such as boats. Contained from the HD Texture Package are trees, grass, shrubbery, timber and stone construction mats, crafting/forging gear, swords and shields, iron/silver/padded Armor, troll hide, capes, boats/ships, banners, and much more. The mod also adds resolution enhancements.

Valheim, in a lot of ways, is the sort of sport that’s infinitely replayable, and that’s probably why it’s staying so large on the Steam graphs. It’s excellent to see the neighborhood continue to appreciate it, make mods for this, and discuss among themselves. The game itself is unique. However the community supporting it’s going to probably have the liberty to keep it moving as well.

Valheim Mod Overhauls Hundreds of Textures
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