Valheim: How to Make a Fish Trap for Fast Bulk Fishing
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Valheim: How to Make a Fish Trap for Fast Bulk Fishing

Valheim: How to Make a Fish Trap for Fast Bulk Fishing

Valheim: How to Make a Fish Trap for Fast Bulk Fishing

In Valheim, players may cook several distinct types of foods to grow their health and endurance pools. A number of those best food mixtures in Valheim are created from some tough uncooked food to locate, such as fish. However, some smart players have produced a speedier approach to nab more fish up to get their own Viking stomachs.

Fishing In Valheim
Fishing at Valheim is equally time consuming and is based on players locating the dealer as swiftly as possible. Since players can’t fish with no fishing rod, which is only accessible from the Traderthey need to travel round their map in hopes of locating him. But, there’s another manner. A smart Reddit consumer, u/VincentNacon, has produced a rather thorough plan for catching considerable quantities fish without even bothering with the the fishing rod.

Beginning The Trap

To be able to start, players will need to have a simple construction hammer, some timber, and also a modest ocean-front property to acquire the fish trap began. The top places to create these will be ocean-connected Valheim Meadows at which flint could be redeemed ; the competitive NPCs will not be as harmful as some of the additional places players may construct in.

Here are the very first measures; the 1×1 tile overlooks the fish’s inability to back up by trapping it within the very small area, not giving it space to turn around.

While players can’t pick up fish while swimming, they could guide the fish by scaring them in the ideal direction. So as to do so, gamers will need lots of endurance and a funnel they can startle the fish to swimming into.

This accelerate the fishing procedure in Valheim exponentially, enabling gamers to capture considerable quantities of fish in a brief time period. They also no longer need to be concerned about buying bait out of the Trader; the fishing rod isn’t required at all to find this smart little trap to get the job done.

Even though this may not be among the most remarkable structures ever constructed in Valheim, it could possibly be among the most useful ones. This innovative setup is the only way to acquire fish meat in bulk, enabling gamers to make one of the finest meals at the sport: that the fish wrap. This food isn’t accessible until late game, since it needs barley flour that can simply be acquired in the Plains biome, but it’s some amazing stats.

Produced in the cauldron, Fish wraps are made from two Cooked fish and four Barley flour. Listed below are the stats:

  • Max Health: +60
  • Max Stamina: +90
  • Duration: 2400s
  • Curing: 4 hp/tick


Valheim: How to Make a Fish Trap for Fast Bulk Fishing
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