ThunderCats Film To Be Directed By Godzilla vs. Kong's Adam Wingard
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ThunderCats Film To Be Directed By Godzilla vs. Kong’s Adam Wingard

ThunderCats Film To Be Directed By Godzilla vs. Kong's Adam Wingard

ThunderCats Film To Be Directed By Godzilla vs. Kong’s Adam Wingard

Following the multi-platform launch of Godzilla vs. Kong This week, manager Adam Wingard has lined up his next job for Warner Bros.. Wingard will probably be attracting the famed 1980s animated series ThunderCats to the big screen together with his regular writing partner Simon Barrett.

Wingard has worked with Barrett previously on the slasher horror movie You are Next along with the Dan Stevens thriller The Client. The manager is also known for his work on Netflix’s live-action Death Notice adaptation and also for the found footage movie Blair Witch, which functioned as a direct sequel to the first horror movie The Blair Witch Project. Roy Lin and Dan Lee, that made Wingard’s Death Notice, may also serve as manufacturers for your ThunderCats film.

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Wingard is a self-professed superb fan of this ThunderCats and Shared his enthusiasm for the job in a meeting with Deadline. The manager even confessed that he has dreamed of creating a film adaptation because his high school years, that was when he knew he wanted to become a filmmaker. He proceeds to state he was teased by his fellow classmates because of his obsession with the’80s children’s animation and even composed a 272-page screenplay by hand throughout his sophomore year.

ThunderCats has been an American animated TV series That conducted from 1985-1989. It told the story of a bunch of literary cat-like aliens that are forced to flee their homeworld of Thundera following its devastation and resided on a world called Third Earth. The series is regarded as a staple of 1980s children’s television using its recognizable literary aesthetic. Warner Bros. acquired the rights to the show in 1989 and in recent decades since its introduction, ThunderCats has now spawned a franchise which has showcased comic books, action figures, clothing, and other goods. There was also a current reboot/sequel television series in 2011, however, it was canceled after one season.

Wingard discussed his desire to maintain the show’s signature fashion. “I need to perform a Thundercats movie that takes you straight back to this’80s decorative . I really don’t wish to reinvent how they seem; I need them to seem like Thundercats.” The manager further afield on whether the movie would be live-action or cartoon, stating,”I do not want it to seem like Cats, ” I do not need those sorts of problems, no sympathy for this manager whom I do not mean to throw under the bus any longer than everybody else has. I would like to do a picture you have never noticed before. A hybrid CGI movie which has a hyperreal look and bridges the difference between animation and CGI.”

Wingard was one Of many filmmakers who was originally upset with Warner Bros.’ Unilateral decision to launch a number of the recent movies Concurrently in theaters and in their streaming platform HBO Max. This comprised Wingard’s latest movie, Godzilla vs. Kong, however the directorseems To have buried the hatchet, as he appears excited to utilize the corporation Later on, particularly after the comparative success of Godzilla vs. Kong,that has earned over $123 million abroad and is getting generally positive reviews.


ThunderCats Film To Be Directed By Godzilla vs. Kong’s Adam Wingard
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