Rainbow Six Siege 'Rainbow is Magic' Event Gets Another Run

Rainbow Six Siege ‘Rainbow is Magic’ Event Gets Another Run

Rainbow Six Siege 'Rainbow is Magic' Event Gets Another Run

Rainbow Six Siege ‘Rainbow is Magic’ Event Gets Another Run

Rainbow Six Siege is no stranger to Seasonal themed occasions. This past year the match celebrated popular vacations with in-game occasions such as Sugar Fright, which turned Rainbow Six Siege Operators to puppets, along with a Holiday Bundle that gave gamers a completely free Operator. However, 1 event which didn’t occur last year was that the Rainbow is Magic occasion celebrating April Fools Day. This event began in 2019 and essentially let players get all kinds of goods splashed with gaudy neon colours to make everyone feel only a bit more joyful.

It Was a remarkably common event back in 2019 and developer Ubisoft Montreal has chosen to make it back for 2021. The Rainbow is Magic occasion is live right now and will be the Most Recent shift to Rainbow Six Siege after the Crimson Heist Update. For a limited time Xbox produced Rainbow Six Siege free-to-play to get Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members, which choice together with the Crimson Heist Event induced players to flooding to the match. The Rainbow is Magic occasion will likely draw audiences as well considering all of the newest things players may get within this occasion.

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The Rainbow is Magic event runs from March 30 to April 5 and also provides players with the chance to play with an event-specific game style and purchase new vibrant skins for both Operators and firearms in Rainbow Six Siege. The hostage game style from 2019 is rear and actions gamers with guarding or seeking to spare a individual at a teddy bear costume. Players will be digging the Presidential Plane map (Air Conditioning One), that is smaller and decked out in neon signs and unicorn drawings.

For Operator and firearms skins, Blackbeard, Montagne, Smoke, and Tachanka will have packages available to buy with Rainbow Six Siege credits. Each package prices 2160 credits and features a headgear bit, uniform, weapon epidermis, and appeal each Operator. Some standout bits are Montagne’s Fuchsia Flutter Headgear, which provides both floppy antennae, and Tachanka’s The Unicorn Headgear, that is merely a rainbow faceguard using a huge unicorn horn. Players may also gun down competitions with bedazzled variations of the SR-25 as well as also the MK17 CQB.

In 2019 the Rainbow is Magic occasion was loved by enthusiasts which Ubisoft Montreal extended it for one more week. There is no sign so much if this will happen again, but when gamers flock to the hostage game style and beginning buying up Operator bundles there is a fantastic chance the event will probably be extended. The Crimson Heist launching put a parallel player album in Rainbow Six Siege, although the Rainbow is Magic occasion might not fit the prior player stinks, it is likely to become one glittery ride for most lovers.


Rainbow Six Siege ‘Rainbow is Magic’ Event Gets Another Run
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