Mike Richards out as Jeopardy! host in wake of multiple controversies
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Mike Richards out as Jeopardy! host in wake of multiple controversies

Mike Richards out as Jeopardy! host in wake of multiple controversies

Mike Richards is out as Jeopardy! host in the wake of multiple controversies

Only days after Sony Pictures Television & Jeopardy! __S.54__ According to Sony, Richards was removed due to a swell in controversy from lawsuits and comments on Richards’ podcast.

“I would like to apologize to you all for the unwelcome negative attention that has been brought to Jeopardy!” __S.57__ “I am aware that I still have much work to do in order to win your trust and confidence.”

A spokesperson for Sony Pictures Television stated that they support Mike’s decision not to remain as host. “We were shocked to hear about Mike’s podcast from 2013/2014 and the offensive language that he used in the previous. We spoke with him about our concerns and what we expect moving forward.

According to Sony, Richards will continue his role as executive producer. According to Sony, Mike has been with us for two years and has led Jeopardy! Through some of the most difficult times the show has ever seen. We hope that he will do this as EP with professionalism, respect, and a sense of humour.

Richards, who has made a career of producing games shows such as Wheel of Fortune, The Price Is Right, and the recently revived Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? joined Jeopardy! __S.66__ When Alex Trebek died of pancreatic cancer in November 2020, Richards found himself in the mix of a bevvy of guest hosts — while also overseeing the guest booking and long-term replacement search. The controversial past of Richards was also highlighted when word spread that the Jeopardy! The team may hire him for a permanent position at the podium. Numerous lawsuits against Richards over his behaviour on shows involving harassment and gender discrimination were brought back to light, forcing him to defend himself to the Jeopardy! Staff.

Richards stated that he was proud of his time on The Price Is Right and Let’s Make a Deal. Richards made this statement to the Jeopardy! staff via an internal memo earlier in the month. “Our female cast members welcomed seven wonderful children during my tenure. Each pregnancy and each birth were celebrated and celebrated in front and behind the camera. It was an honour to see their families grow and share their joy as part of the show.


The gaffes started to pile up after a report by The Ringer this week revealed multiple instances where Richards made disparaging remarks about Jews, women, and other people of colour on his podcast, The Randumb Show. This show ended in 2014. The news prompted the Anti-Defamation League to call for an investigation.

Richards said it was humbling to face a moment of insensitivity, thoughtlessness and misjudgment nearly a decade ago. Richards said that he is deeply sorry for the comments he made on the podcast. “Looking back, there is no excuse. The podcast was meant to be an irreverent conversation between long-time friends with a history of laughing. Despite my attempts to be humorous and provocative, it became clear that they were unacceptable. I have now removed the episodes. Today, my responsibilities as a husband, father, and public personality who speaks to many through my television role, means that I have significant and serious obligations to be a role model. I will try to live up to these obligations.

Richards began to tape episodes of Jeopardy! While Variety reported that Sony concluded Richards’ image was too damaged for him to lead one of the most prestigious and beloved brands on television.

Sony Television and Jeopardy! Producers set Mayim Bialik, The Big Bang Theory actor, as host of a new prime-time series. There are also several championship specials planned. It is unclear if Bialik will take over the regular slot or if producers will search for a new host to syndicate.

Update (Aug. 23rd): After taping a week of Richards’s shows, Richards decided to step down Friday.Jeopardy!Episodes will air on Thursday. These five episodes will continue to air as planned. The Wrap reported. September 13th will be the premiere of the new season.

Mike Richards out as Jeopardy! host in wake of multiple controversies
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