Max Payne 1 APK Full Version Free Download (June 2021)

MAX PAYNE 1 PC windows game

MAX PAYNE 1 PC windows game

MAX PAYNE 1 PC windows game


Renegade DEA agent & former NYPD officer Max Payne tries to hunt down those responsible for murdering his wife and kid, in addition to framing him for the murder of his spouse, Alex Balder. As the narrative unfolds he gains a range of”allies”, such as a Russian mafia gangster, known as Vladimir Lem & Mona Sax, a female vigilante who’s out to avenge the death of her twin sister, Lisa, also manages to bring down the ring-leaders from the significant drug-operation to get a narcotic called V or Valkyr–following mythic characters in Norse mythology.

Main personalities:

Det. Max Payne — the Main protagonist of the show, Max is originally an NYC police officer. In Max Payne, after the murder of his wife child by Valkyr junkies, Max transports into the DEA & goes undercover at the Punchinello Mafia family so as to track trafficking of the Valkyr.

Lt. Jim Bravura — In Max Payne, he’s deputy chief of police, also directs the NYPD in pursuit of this Payne after he becomes a catalyst. He was able to catch Max using the NYPD ESU unit. Two decades after, he had been self-demoted into the position of Lt., because he was not able to hold the occupation serves as Payne’s exceptional in Homicide.

Vinnie Gognitti — Vinnie is a mobster at Punchinello household, and functions as the secondary antagonist from the second & first matches. In Max Payne he’s your Mafia Underboss Jack Lupino’s right-hand guy. He’s portrayed as clever but cowardly, using a penchant for abusing sexual partners which have underage addicts & telephone women.

Vladimir Lem — Vlad is a suave, conservative Russian mafioso & Woden’s protégé. In Max Payne, he’s at war with Mafia, outnumbered & outgunned, yet still manages to hit back in Jack Lupino. He forges a bargain with Payne for possession of a freighter filled with military-grade weaponry that was apprehended by Payne’s adversary, Don Punchinello.


Michelle Payne — Max’s murdered wife, looks in the fantasy collection of this match. Her departure in the game’s prologue, together with that of the daughter, is the reason behind Max’s despair, and the main reason for his conclusion in showing the fact throughout the course of this match.

Mona Sax — Mona is your hired killer, the leading protagonist in the string, and also a playable character in the 2nd match. In Max Payne, she 1st experiences Payne after he’s murdered, Jack Lupino. She tie-ups his beverage with a sedative & leaves him to the Mafia to question him. They meet up again after though she is seeking to avenge the murder of her sister. But she’s taken & supposed dead.

Alfred Woden — A one-eyed U.S. Senator. Max Payne, he’s introduced as a high-heeled member of Inner Circle, also agrees to find Payne to prevent prosecution for offenses he’s been framed for if he neutralizes a normal enemy (Nicole Horne).

Max Payne 1 PC Game System Requirements:

  • OS: Microsoft® Windows® 2000/XP (only)
  • Processor: 450MHz AMD / Intel Processor.
  • Memory: 96 MB RAM (128 MB RAM or greater recommended)
  • Graphics: 16MB Direct3D Compatible Graphics Card.
  • DirectX Version: DirectX 8.0.
  • Hard Drive: 830 MB Hard Drive Space for a full install, 530 MB for minimum install.





MAX PAYNE 1 PC windows game
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