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Kingdom Hearts Union X [Cross] 977 Explained: The Real Dandelion; Ventus’s Light

Kingdom Hearts Union X [Cross] 977 Explained: The Real Dandelion; Ventus's Light

Kingdom Hearts Union X [Cross] 977 Explained: The Real Dandelion; Ventus’s Light

When they returned to Daybreak Town, the protagonist had aims to talk about the Darkling Heartless’s hunt for a specific Keyblade wielder using the Union leaders. However, they have rather found themselves in a desperate struggle for their lifetime. Together with the actual Union leaders, the protagonist is currently fighting a losing battle against Darkness, who intends to disperse throughout the Dandelions if it wins. While the team’s efforts have not been sufficient, there is 1 person who is yet to input the brawl.

The next half of Kingdom Hearts Union Cross pursuit 977 sees Ventus combine the struggle against Darkness whilst Luxu carries out the next job he considers the Master of Experts delegated to him. This pursuit, for a whole, is the very first of this previous set of quests introduced for the match, and this composing conducts a recap and interpretation of its own occasions to spell out the end of this Kingdom Hearts Union Cross narrative — spoilers ahead.

Darkness is no more interested in fighting the Dandelions. The thing is formless, so even when the team’s combined efforts figure out how to dissipate, it simply reforms. The battle’s turned into a bicycle, so rather, Darkness concentrates its focus on Ven, summoning Darklings who, unlike the protagonist and Ephemera, assert Ven’s the one they have been following all this time. It is a revelation that strikes the protagonist confuses Ephemera, since the latter did not know Darkness’s explanation concerning Ven’s”pure light.”

But, Ven’s activities describe items for Ephemera. He wakes up, and understanding his position, does not hesitate to utilize the light in his heart to destroy the Darklings and dissipate Darkness again. After the entity reforms throughout the area, Ven voices that when he is pure light, and Darkness utilized him to reshape itself; then he will just use his abilities to reshape it again, just this time, he will relegate it into a form that the Union leaders can really ruin.

Laurium attempts to prevent Ven from trying the program but fails. Expressing the band’s collective stress, Laurium retains Ven back and expresses his own fear of dropping him just like he’s Strelitzia. The remark is his way of trying to find his prior hostilities towards Ven and allow him to understand he sees him as a brother. But, the replacement pioneer reassures Laurium, and everybody else, that everything will be okay. He then climbs headlong at Darkness, engulfing the area in a burst of light.

A Length Of Light

From the actual Daybreak Town, Luxu and Darkness confuse each other. Luxu anticipated Maleficent’s Darkness for part of the whole that was only fighting the Dandelions from the information world. He supposes that if that is not true, then that Darkness has to be acting of its own accord. In terms of Darkness, it had been under the belief that the actual world no longer had some Keyblade Masters. Therefore it requires a time for the thing to work out Luxu — that the one tasked with seeing things before the end — would be the Master walking on it and interrupting its own endeavor to test on the information world. However, Luxu’s function does not explain why he is here from the lifeboat laboratory.

Luxu anticipated Darkness to not understand what is happening because it did not completely read the Book of Prophecies. Luxu is at the lifeboat area because Darkness’s buddy, the Master of Masters, advised him to be. The Master allowed him to see events involving the Dandelions and Darkness unfold; he simply can not interfere with any of it. “Look, but do not touch,” he had been told. He did not know it or anything else that the Master said in the moment, but it has been about five decades since thenhe believes he gets it today.

Luxu entered the laboratory under-arm carrying something swaddled in a loaf and then obtained the area’s computer terminal. Now, now in his Darkness’s dialog, Luxu’s completed with the terminal to start the lifeboat’s middle-most pod. Unlike what Darkness believes, the pod is not for Luxu’s usage. He is not using it to retreat in the near future, which could ruin his or her that the Master’s program . He is using it to the package he is carrying, which he shows by putting inside the currently open capsule.

He describes to Darkness what he simply put from the pod is your authentic Dandelion. The main Dandelion the Master of Experts intended to ship in the future. While the surface of the person Luxu put at the bunny is not revealed, the cloak they are in is the exact same one Xehanort wrapped Ventus in later dividing his heart throughout Birth by Sleep. Therefore, excluding any unexpected convolution, Ven is the only from the pod. Luxu, in accordance with the Master’s orders, let Ven to take care of data-world Darkness and then put his subconscious form here from the wake.

Who Is the Actual Dandelion?

Ven being the actual Dandelion makes the most sense. Dandelions disperse their seeds through gusts of wind. Ventus is a Dandelion, and his name means”end” in Latin. He is the only person ever in Kingdom Hearts to wear the white cloak and the sole member of this Dandelions using a center of pure light, that provides a stronger meaning to Luxu’s speaking of this cloaked person because the”seed of lighting ” Ven also has memories of this Dandelions, which makes him an ideal waypoint. The one thing he lacks is that the mediums to reform his friends’ bodies whenever they arrive, however, the Master explains he’s already taken care of this at another cutscene.

As to the way Ven kept his body despite seemingly employing the lifeboats for into the long run: the snowy cloak technically protected him. Kingdom Hearts manager Tetsuya Nomura includes a custom of giving items that conceal character identities protective properties. Black Coats protect wearers out of darkness, as does Keyblade Armor, that can be only literal armor. It would not be surprising if the Foretellers’ masks and robes shielded them from something also. In which case, the snowy cloak could stop Ven’s entire body from being ruined by the lifeboat.

The Objective

Darkness recalls learning of this Master’s plan a while back on the outskirts of Daybreak Town. He’d clarified that it would occur in three phases: the production of Unions, the Foreteller’s Keyblade War, and the Dandelion’s final struggle with Darkness from the sealed-off information globe. The last stage would conclude if the death of seven lifeboat pods ruined the planet, which will be where Darkness obtained confused. It found it odd that the Master, knowing everything throughout the Book of Prophecies, could waste his time on this type of job.

The it. The Novel only knows exactly what the No Title Keyblade sees, and this can be compared to omnipotence. In the event the Master would turn into that through the Novel, he would have never allowed Darkness have a look. No, what is written in the Book is irrelevant in any way, just the simple fact that its first copy is written later on. Owing to that, the Master has a worldwide waypoint, meaning that he does not only have a waypoint for himself, but other people also.

Luxu functions as the Master’s waypoint since he’s memories of him possession of his attention, meaning that the Master can recover his body when he moves to the future. In terms of everybody, such as the Master’s additional apprentices, Luxu has memories of these also, and during his Book of Prophecies, he could make life-like illusions to allow them to use as mediums too. In reality, he can make life-like illusions of anybody in the Novel for them to use as mediums.

The Master told Darkness he’s likely to travel in the future and take other people with him if he does. Darkness supposed that the Master was likely to utilize the seven pods to choose the”seven crowns” (the seven pristine lights of this Union Cross age ) and maybe his apprentice with himbut the Guru was cagey on these particulars. But he did inform Darkness that, although the Book’s contents do not matter in the grand scheme of things, they did reveal him a single world of interest later on, a world he could not have envisioned. This world was probably Quadratum.

Kingdom Hearts Union X [Cross] 977 Explained: The Real Dandelion; Ventus’s Light
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