Kingdom Hearts Fans Celebrate Franchise's 19th Anniversary

Kingdom Hearts Fans Celebrate Franchise’s 19th Anniversary

Kingdom Hearts Fans Celebrate Franchise's 19th Anniversary

Kingdom Hearts Fans Celebrate Franchise’s 19th Anniversary

T now is Kingdom Hearts’ 19th birthday. Since March 28, 2002, the sport has existed and is just one of the very few instances Disney has allowed another firm to use their iconic characters. The Kingdom Hearts series was made by Shinji Hashimoto and Tetsuya Nomura and has grown into among the most beloved video games ever in life.

The latest principal game to launch has been Kingdom Hearts 3, which fell in 2019. While Square Enix has advised fans not to expect a Kingdom Hearts 4 anytime soon, fans anticipate big things next year. Creator Nomura has promised big things for your 20th anniversary but hasn’t shared a lot of particulars. So much information on another Kingdom Hearts installation suggests it will solve some outstanding personality puzzles and change up the conventional Kingdom Hearts format.

Now, however, fans are pleased to observe the releases that they have during the 19th anniversary. Fans have already been sharing stunning artwork around Twitter beneath”#KingdomHearts.” Many enthusiasts are taking the opportunity to thank the show and its founders for its effects on them. The Kingdom Hearts official Twitter has shared a distinctive message thanking its lovers in exchange for their involvement with the sequence. 1 fan has shared a movie of the ballet choreography into Roxas’ theme. Many enthusiasts are discussing cosplays while some are taking photos of themselves with their Kingdom Hearts memorabilia.

There are a few noteworthy franchise birthdays recently. The Legend of Zelda celebrated its birthday about a month ago, as did Pokemon. The businesses turned 35 and 25 years old, respectively. Super Mario is rolling up its huge birthday celebration in just two days. Resident Evil also includes its 25th anniversary arriving shortly in April. Only yesterday there was the birthday of this Nintendo 3DS. Nintendo celebrated by submitting to Twitter and requesting fans their favorite 3DS games.

The outpour of love for Kingdom Hearts is surely moving. Fans who don’t have any art or photographs to share may also participate by building a tweet. The hashtag is presently full of artwork, personal stories, and movies, making now a beautiful day for lovers.

Though most enthusiasts will undoubtedly be over the moon, a few might be wondering what the fuss is all about. In the end, in the grand strategy, a 19th anniversary isn’t just a landmark, regardless of how beloved the show is. But most fans probably think it’s not ever a bad afternoon for Kingdom Hearts fan artwork.


Kingdom Hearts Fans Celebrate Franchise’s 19th Anniversary
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