GTA 4 – GRAND THEFT AUTO Download for Android & IOS
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GTA 4 – GRAND THEFT AUTO Download for Android & IOS

GTA 4 – GRAND THEFT AUTO Download for Android & IOS

GTA 4 – GRAND THEFT AUTO Download for Android & IOS

GTA 4 Gameplay

Grand Theft Auto IV Full GameThis is a battle adventure game that you play from a third-person perspective. The entire mission of the player–the linear state that has set objectives and development through the story. There is the possibility of having multiple on-the-go missions at once since some missions require players to stay for additional instructions or incidents. Players can freely roam the game’s open-world and complete optional side missions. Cool, calm, and collected, Liberty City is a fictional city that the entire world o grand Theft Auto IV GameThe region is more extensive than previous entries in the series. The game starts with the discovery of the first island, unruffled by Broker and Dukes. All other islands unlock as you progress.

GTA 4 GameFree: Players can use firearms, encounter attacks and explosives to defeat enemies. They may also jump, swim or use vehicles to explore the world. When using vehicles, there is a first-person viewpoint. Auto-aim and cover classification are available for support against enemies in the contest. Players can get their health back if they sustain damage. This can be done using various techniques such as eating, obtaining medical kits, or calling paramedics. The game’s law enforcement agencies might respond if players report crimes to them. This is indicated by the “wanted” indicator on the HUD. The displayed stars indicate the current wanted level on the meter. For instance, at six stars, law enforcement attempts to stop players from taking action becomes very destructive. In the capacity of law enforcement officers, GTA 4 for Players who leave the area will be searched for. When players leave the officer’s line of sight, the wanted indicator goes into a cooling mode.


How to Install GTA IV Complete Edition Game?

  1. Download all the parts from the download links given below.
  2. Right-click on the downloaded part1.rar and click on “Extract here. “All other parts will automatically be extracted.
  3. You need Winrar installed to do it.
  4. Now right click on the extracted iso and click on “Extract here” again.
  5. OR You can also open iso with software called “UltraISO.” Click on the “Mount to virtual drive” icon on the 3rd bar on top of UltraISO to mount it. Then go to the virtual drive and open it. This is usually just after My Computer.
  6. Once Mounted or Extracted, Right-click on the file named “Setup.exe” and click on “Run As Administrator” to start the game installation.
  7. Please wait for it to install the game on your mobile.
  8. Once the installation is complete, open the folder named “PROPHET” and then “GTAIV” copy all the files from there and paste them into the directory where you have installed the game. For example, if you have installed the game in “My Computer > Local Disk C > Program files > “Grand Theft Auto IV,” then paste those files in this directory.
  9. Click on replace if it asks for it.
  10. Right-click on the game icon .exe and then click on “Run as Administrator” to start the game.
  11. Enjoy.





GTA 4 – GRAND THEFT AUTO Download for Android & IOS
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