Get Even Download for Android & IOS
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Get Even Download for Android & IOS

Get Even Download for Android & IOS

Get Even Download for Android & IOS

Get Even 2017 Overview

Just take a deep breath. Try to recall: a woman, a seat, a bomb. Only keep… calm. Follow the voice to the depths of memory. Relax… and hunt for the most bizarre memories from the deepest recesses of your own mind. Would you find her? The clock is ticking… And this is merely part of the treatment.

Black — an ice-cold mercenary and hired army — awakes at a mysterious old asylum with no memory of the past.
Under the advice of his anonymous captor, ‘Red,’ Black embarks on a kind of therapy facilitated by exceptional technologies — a headset that lets the consumer relive their memories and experience them in the current.
And so Black Attempts to recall.
With the support of this pandora headset, he also travels in the depths of his mind to explore the facts behind the one thing he can recall: the rescue effort of a teenaged girl with a bomb strapped to her chest.

Features of Getting Even

Following are the main features of getting Even that you will experience after the first install on your Operating System.

  • Imposing action game.
  • Got stunning visuals.




Get Even Download for Android & IOS
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