Genshin Impact Datamine Reveals New Weapons Coming Soon
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Genshin Impact Datamine Reveals New Weapons Coming Soon

Genshin Impact Datamine Reveals New Weapons Coming Soon

Genshin Impact Datamine Reveals New Weapons Coming Soon

A good deal of interesting information regarding future upgrades to the Genshin Effect has been coming out recently, and it has been courtesy of the leakers and data miners. First, the Transient effluent escape shown by members of this Wangsheng Funeral Parlour Discord host a couple of days back, and the same Discord group is showing a pair of new weapons that might be coming into the multiplayer match.

Given that Genshin Effect releases upgrades quite often, leaks and data mining are becoming rather common practice for all members of their RPG community. Past escapes have shown new personalities and stats before the planned release and the character’s cartoons and skills in some instances.

Genshin Effect programmer miHoYo has promised that the leaks and data mines are detrimental to the match and community. Nevertheless, that has done little to impede the stream of new data coming from data miners and beta testers. Really, the brand new weapons determine is among the most expansive escapes yet. The data comes from Twitter consumer Zluet who says they’re sharing content found from the Wangsheng Funeral Parlour Discord community and mentions that simply because the weapons have been found within the match does not automatically indicate they’re coming shortly.

Some of the recently discovered weapons are imperial 5-star bows, claymores, swords, and catalysts, in addition to a 4-star strand, sword, and bow. This is not the first time Genshin Effect weapons are leaked, and similar to most preceding data mines, just the titles, and pictures of these weapons are shown. For now, it seems the weapon’s skills and potential stat boosts stay a puzzle.

Visually, but the weapons seem as amazing as ever. The swords would match perfectly in Genshin Effect’s ordinary. Still, underappreciated character Xingqiu’s palms, along with the bows and claymores, possess a particular degree of flair for their layouts which fans have come to expect in the match. The leaked 5-star polearm, Regicide, has a degree of Genshin Effect charm in its own physical appearance and would look at home in Xiao’s grip.

While it remains to be observed when, if at all, these weapons will become playable in the game; a variant 1.5 upgrade is anticipated to return to Genshin Effect at the end of April, so a number of the weapons shown from the datamine may come once the upgrade goes live. Regardless, as shown in another escape, version 1.5 can bring home crafting and three brand new occasions into this RPG, so either way, there’ll be much fresh content.

Genshin Impact Datamine Reveals New Weapons Coming Soon
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