Destiny 2: Season 15 name reveal starts to confirm some far-fetched rumors
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Destiny 2: Season 15 name reveal starts to confirm some far-fetched rumors

Destiny 2: Season 15 name reveal starts to confirm some far-fetched rumors

Destiny 2: Season 15 name reveal starts to confirm some far-fetched

Bungie confirmed the name and artwork for Destiny 2’s 15th Season on Friday morning. Season of the Lost, which stars Mara Sov, will begin on Tuesday, August 24, following Bungie’s Destiny Showcase. During the Livestream, the developer will unveil the new season and the upcoming Witch Queen expansion.

A simple season name and the unveiling of the main characters are enough to get players excited. Season of the Lost’s name and Mara’s involvement adds a lot of weight. Both details were leaked in a massive, long-running leak. Bungie has confirmed that one of the most enduring rumours about the series is now true.

]Warn! This article discusses potential Destiny rumours and possible leaks. These leaks, if true, could ruin next year’s events. The Witch QueenExpanding and Beyond

Season of the Lost’s leaked image shows runes and symbols taken from Destiny 2’s Dreaming City. In the background are Hive eyes and Mara Sov. Mara is the Queen of the Awoken and “died” in the original destiny. Players visited her Throneworld and spoke with her during 2018’s Forsaken expansion. However, she has not returned in many years.

It looks like the studio is finally finishing the story of the Dreaming City. Mara can be seen out and about with Osiris, as shown in the official Bungie screenshot. Players who have been following the Destiny rumour mill expected this.


Raid Secrets members have spent months compiling a list with unconfirmed and upcoming information about Destiny 2. It includes rumours, leaks, and conspiracy theories. It all appears sourced by the community, and there doesn’t appear to be an “AnonTheNine” boogeyman behind all of this information like there was a few years ago. And yet, several of these predictions have started to gain credibility — specifically the details from a “notepad post” that supposedly appeared last year.

Several leaks suggest that the Guardian Osiris was, in fact, Savathun, the titular Witch Queen, months ago. And due to some recent in-game events, that’s looking more and more likely. The announcement also said that season 15 would feature Mara Sov and will take place in the Dreaming City, closing out the Forsakenstoryline. Bungie confirmed this on Friday.

Then there’s a host of reveals in Bungie’s most recent weekly blog that line up with several other leaks. Raid Secrets Reddit user losk64 created a list of confirmed and unconfirmed details using Bungie’s own reveals to help validate the leak collection — such as the original Trials of the Nine weapons coming to last year’s Prophecy dungeon or the newly revealed season 15 rocket launcher, which comes with a rare perk mentioned by name in the leak. Even Bungie’s recently announced anti-cheat plays into the leak — although the suggested timing is slightly off.

Information in leak collections such as this one comes from many sources. Some of the items could be legitimate leaks, and they certainly appear to be. The new Season of the Lost reveal does not necessarily confirm the whole collection.

It is amazing to me, a player, that this leak keeps falling into place. Some of the more absurd ideas discussed in this article — like a Bungie 30th anniversary crossover event between Destiny & Halo later this year — don’t seem so ridiculous as they did back in May.

Over the last few weeks and months, the leak collection has been slowly gaining popularity. However, players realized that it could be a well-guessed Destiny2 fanfiction. Bungie confirmed the leak on Friday. This has given the leak some credibility and all the attention it deserves. rumours

Destiny 2: Season 15 name reveal starts to confirm some far-fetched rumors
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