Destiny 2's Hive Gods Fit an Interesting Pattern
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Destiny 2’s Hive Gods Fit an Interesting Pattern

Destiny 2's Hive Gods Fit an Interesting Pattern

Destiny 2’s Hive Gods Fit an Interesting Pattern

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  • Oryx, the Taken King
  • Savathun, the Witch Queen
  • Xiu Arath, God of War

The Hive Gods shape destiny 2’sThe game’s story. Long-time players will likely recall the epic King’s Fall raid battle from the first game.DestinyNewer players may not be as familiar with Oryx and the rich lore surrounding him and his sisters. In recent years, the Hive Goddesses have received a lot of attention. Destiny 2However, a pattern has emerged over the past few years that appears to have affected both their brother and sister.

While the Witch Queen will continue to build upon this, Destiny’s current season seems like the temporary peak of seeing it implemented. Each of them has their core motives and drives, which relate to their Worms. However, they seem to have also fallen into a pattern related to biblical theology, which includes the seven deadly sins. These thoughts can be grouped into three categories: Lustful Appetite (Corruption of the Mind) and Wrath (Wrath). When looking at Destiny’s lore, Oryx and Savathun all fit into one of these categories quite consistently.

Oryx, The Taken King

Oryx, also known as The Taken King, is the epitome of Lustful Appetite. His ability to Take is an excellent example of his greediness and gluttony. He saw himself as the only one who could control the universe and had no regard for other beings. With this mindset, he embarked on a campaign to destroy and kill with a clear goal: To become the sharpest blade the Sword Logic could make. Oryx was able to transform into an unstoppable immortal being that can take life at will.

Oryx, a Destiny raid boss who died in a tragic accident, was transformed into Touch of Malice by the Taken King. He saw it as his final transformation, and it was in line with his plans. He knew that he would fall but saw it as an opportunity to live his best life. His powers as the Taken Kings allowed him to remove the free will of others. However, his legacy of Touch of Malice allows him to continue to use the Sword Logic and sharpen his skills against countless enemies.

Oryx has the longest bloodline among the three Hive Gods, in addition to his insatiable desire to conquer and control growing parts of the universe. Oryx has many children, grandchildren, and daughters. Xiu Arath and Savathun both have descendants. This supports his domination goals while playing into the idea of lust. This completes the Oryx concept as the embodiment of Lustful Appetite. It also provides a means for his carnal desires to be fulfilled, leading to the expansion of his power. This could continue after new dungeons, and a remastered raid is added following Bungie’s 30th-anniversary celebration, as well as the new expansion in Year 5.

   Savathun, The Witch Queen

Savathun’s position as Witch Queen has put her in the very obvious role of mind corruption. Her power is based on the inability of other beings to understand her. Every lie, every convoluted plan and each misdirection only serve to strengthen her. This is an approach Savathun has taken for a long time and used against allies, foes, and relatives.

She has deceived many people before. Examples include the Crown of Sorrow and the Vex invasion of Oryx’s throne planet. Another example of her manipulative actions is having the Hidden Swarm exterminate Oryx’s bloodline using the Scarlet Keep to beacon the Guardian. While she now aligns herself with humanity and fights other Hives, she still deceives her Worm. Having shed the disguise of Osiris after Season of the Splicer, Savathun finished one deception only to embark on an entirely new one.


Season of the Lost has her continue this pattern with her eyes set on the Guardian and the Reef. With a tense alliance formed, she claims she intends to use her Worm and fight against Xivu Arath. However, it is almost certain that this is only a part of the truth. Many fans expected the Hive Goddess would attack the Guardian and Tower in the finale. This is what will likely spark the beginning of Destiny 2’s next expansion.

These are the tense moments leading up to her Witch Queen’s story. However, they show how she has fulfilled the role of Corruption of Mind. Even though the Witch Queen played a prominent role in Oryx’s literal corruption of Quria (a Vex mind), Oryx also took a prominent role. Despite her changing focus from corrupting her brother’s Taken to dabbling in the Vex, she remains the same Savathun her fans know.

Mara Sov and Queens Savathun are trying to outplay each other, but the former is still focused on the corruption in the Light. She already has Osiris in her clutches, and Savathun might have taken other Guardians as well. Continuedly corrupting those with Light and using the services of the Reef Tower and Vanguard is a perfect example of the cowardly nature of Corruption of the Mind.

Xiu Arath, God of War

Xiu Arath fits the evil thought of Wrath just as well as Savathun fits Corruption of the Mind. The Hive Goddess of War excels in combat and views herself as the strongest of her siblings. While this exact point may be debatable, how she fully accepts war as a part of her being is almost as dangerous as the endless power that Savathun may generate from the mere concept of herself.

Xiu Arath chose not to develop her own court despite her siblings doing so; her court is “Everywhere War is found.” She thrives on conflicts, deadly battles and is responsible for bringing the Cabal Empire to its knees. While Savathun corrupted the species leadership, Xivu Arath waged a bloody and successful campaign against their military forces after Empress Caiatl slew Umun’arath, demanding overdue tribute for the way their culture celebrated military combat and rule.

The concept of her court and worship being tied to any conflict also means that she may feed off her siblings’ efforts. While each Hive Worm needs to be fed and satiated with tribute Xivu Arath could have the potential to take some of her siblings’ supply. As Oryx now takes life and is a part of the war as a literal weapon and Savathun appears to be in open conflict with not only her sister but the Darkness itself, Xivu Arath may have more bounty than any of the other Ascendant Hive combined.

This could make her a threat beyond comprehension and should worry Guardians about the future. The Witch Queen expansion might be focused on Savathun, but whether Zavala wanted it or not, the Vanguard has stepped into a war with the Hive. With only two of the three Gods having had a physical presence in the Sol so far, Xivu Arath will likely arrive come to Lightfall.

Guardians have already faced off against her powerful Wrathborn subjects and should be prepared for even more. Her campaign isn’t dedicated to just Sol, as she has been cultivating the Wrathborn and generating an army for herself across the galaxy. While her ire is focused on her sister’s betrayal of the Darkness, their ultimate conflict will likely engulf the solar system in bloodshed. Since The Final Shape is the end of Destiny 2’s current storyline, it may very well be the stage where all of this happens.

Destiny 2’s Hive Gods Fit an Interesting Pattern
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