Dead By Daylight: Tips For Playing As The Trickster
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Dead By Daylight: Tips For Playing As The Trickster

Dead By Daylight: Tips For Playing As The Trickster

Dead By Daylight: Tips For Playing As The Trickster

The Trickster is a new character in Dead By Daylight. He was added in April 2021 to the killer list. Unfortunately, many people were disappointed when he was introduced. It will take some time to master Trickster’s gameplay, unlike other characters.

Trickster has had a few buffs over the last few months that have made him more competitive. Players can easily dominate the K-pop-themed killer by using the right approach. This guide will provide all the information you need about Trickster. There has never been a better time than now to test Trickster.

Trickster Abilities And Buffs

Trickster uses throwing knives to inflict lacerations as his main attack. It took eight knives to remove a person’s health state when Trickster was first introduced. Now, it is reduced to six. To trigger the power, five knives must be hit by a player. The last knife will remove the health state. The knives can also be used simultaneously. Cause the laceration status effect.

It took a lot of time for the knives to reach a target… The Trickster was made more user-friendly by reducing the number of knives by two. Some people are still reluctant to attempt the murderer, but this isn’t all the Trickster has seen.

Neben den lacerations changes, Throwing speed increased by 5 per cent the most recent patch. These buffs are balanced by laceration decay that occurs earlier and decays quicker. In other words, survivors will be able to get rid of the status effects faster. The Trickster’s capabilities are now as follows:

  • 6 ways to get rid of your health state
  • In 10 seconds, the laceration begins to decay.
  • The laceration meter decays in 15 seconds.

You can also throw a bunch of knives while holding down the attack. However, this is often inefficient. Please keep it simple and get six hits in succession. Trickster is the best way to kill survivors.

Controlling Movement

Trickster will move slower the faster he throws knives. Because the knives are animated, survivors will be able to move faster than the killer. Users must find the right balance between throwing speed as well as movement speed. Trickster will move at half his base speed when he throws knives as fast and accurately as possible. Trickster should be followed by all players throw knives quickly when there are targets in the OpenFlow down the attack if the survivor is too far away or hiding behind cover.


Alt Ability

Trickster’s alternative ability, called“Main Event”, is an inexorable stream of knives this will instantly remove your health state. The Main Event can be triggered by obtaining a total of 30 knife hits. The ability becomes active, and players have 30 seconds to use it. It would help if you only used the alt ability for a maximum of ten seconds.

Due to the buffs of July, Main Event was slightly nerfed. It used to take 20 knives to activate, but now it takes only 30. The window for using the alt was also increased by 20 seconds. These changes are still a minor nerf but not as significant in-game.

How to play as a Trickster

To maximize the potential of this killer, there are a few things gamers should do. To begin with, Tap his knife throws. Pressing M1 will produce a recoil effect which shakes the screen and kicks up the hip indicator. It is much more efficient to have additional control while heaving knives. Tapping allows for users to reduce movement penalties while still severing survivors. Tap fire to keep within reach and spam fire if a survivor becomes exposed.

Point Blank Range:

The second strategy is to make sure you are within melee range before you throw the first knife. Survivors will not be able to escape if killers are near enough. Refrain from firing at any survivor who appears. If Trickster can’t get the sixth knife to hit, it is futile to inflict damage. Throw the knives over enemies who are hiding behind pallet looping or pallets. Sometimes they will connect.

Main Event and Over Committing

Gamers should save Main Event to ensure a healthy survivor and then finish off any injured survivors using the base ability. Main Event is a powerful attack that has a time limit. It can only be used for a maximum of ten seconds. It should not be used if the ability is certain to kill… Overcommitting is a similar issue. It might not be worthwhile to try and track down a survivor who has a lead of ten meters. Regroup and find another survivor within your reach. Overcommitting is not only a waste, but it will also leave Tricksters without Main Event for a longer time.

Dead By Daylight: Tips For Playing As The Trickster
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