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Battlefield Teases Expectant Fans With Weird Tweet

Battlefield Teases Expectant Fans With Weird Tweet

Battlefield Teases Expectant Fans With Weird Tweet

A brand new Battlefield is on the road. It had been supported by EA CEO Andrew Wilson which another Battlefield is currently in evolution, and it would be prepared by the end of 2021. Ever since that time –and even before it had been verified –that the rumor mill was churning about this EA shooter. There have been innumerable rumors and leaks of escapes around Battlefield 6. Also, it’s hard to find out which could be true. The Battlefield Twitter web page recently discovered a smart and somewhat strange means to counter a few of those probable leaks.

At times it’s ideal for fighting fire with fire. The Battlefield rumors and leaks have apparently been unlimited as of late. So rather than answering the rumors or completely ignoring them, the Battlefield social networking group appears to be fighting with a few fantastic conventional trolling.

Lately, Twitter consumer Roberto Serrano (former Chief Editor of 4News. It) submitted a tweet suggesting inside info on Battlefield 6. In a bullet-point arrangement, Serrano mentioned Battlefield 6’s contemporary warfare setting, its participant count, big and small scale conflicts, a battle royale-style, amount destruction, personalization, the simple fact that the match would be operating in Frostbite, once the game will launch, what platforms it’s going to be around, and much more. The majority of the info isn’t new since only each of the rumors assembled in 1 tweet.

In reaction to this, nevertheless, the official Battlefield Twitter webpage did something quite funny and strange. Together with Serrano’s tweet’s specific same arrangement, the Battlefield page delivered a tweet out about spaghetti. Its bullet points mentioned significant things like the fact it is great with garlic bread, it’s’slippy,” noodles, is spaghetti, may be utilized as decoration, and is constantly offered. The social networking article made sure to utilize the hashtag Spaghetti and include a giant picture of this word. That is the specific same arrangement of the tweet of this leaked Battlefield news.


Battlefield Teases Expectant Fans With Weird Tweet
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